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Law, the Web, Business Architecture and Risk Management
- Eugene Clark, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Business and Arts, Charles Darwin University
Educating New Media Developers: Electracy vs Creativity vs Pedagogy
- Rod Sims, Academic Director, QANTM
Digital Libraries and the Web 2005: Bridging Platforms to Build Context - Terence Huwe, University of California, Berkeley
Emerging technologies and the Web: finding a balance between possibility and reality - Brad Kasell, Pacific Engagement Manager for IBM's jStart program
I want to learn it my way, and I need to learn it NOW! - Scott Georgeson , CEO Cintinel Corporation

Presenter: Eugene Clark, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Business and Arts, Charles Darwin University <Eugene.Clark@cdu.edu.au>

Title: Law, the Web, Business Architecture and Risk Management

Outline: Topics to be covered will include: Law as architecture and risk management, online contracts, IP, consumer law issues in an online environment, security, privacy, online dispute resolution, tort liability, cybercrime, and intellectual property.

Biographical Details: Professor Clark holds five degrees, including a PhD in Law and Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Tasmania and Juris Doctorate (Hons) and Masters in
Education from the US. He is admitted to Practice Law in the US Federal Court and Supreme Court of the State of Kansas since 1978. He is also a registered teacher.

Professor Clark has three years of commercial law experience with the one of the largest Law firms in the Mid-west of the US. He also has extensive experience in the design, development, and delivery of professional legal education across a broad range of commercial subjects including e-business Law, banking law, marketing law and technology law and legal risk management. He has significant consulting experience in the Australia, China, the South Pacific, USA and Thailand.

He recently undertook a project for APEC on paperless trading. He has significant senior management experience as Head of the Law School, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Law and Pro Vice-Chancellor. Presently, he Head of the Law School and Professor of Law at the University of Canberra. He has also taught at the University of Tasmania, ANU, the University of Wollongong,University of New Mexico, and University of the South Pacific.

He has published over 100 articles and fifteen books in the areas of commercial law, legal education, law and technology and dispute resolution.


Presenter: Rod Sims, Academic Director, QANTM <rsims@qantm.edu.au>

Title: Educating New Media Developers: Electracy vs Creativity vs Pedagogy

Outline:The changes apparent in teaching and learning over the past five years have been transformational, and will continue to be so. This is no less evident in the new media programs where the demands of industry, the changing skills and needs of the students and the dynamic systems with which they work are creating tension and schisms in what might be called the traditional educational framework. In this presentation I will focus on three of these competing paradigms: electracy, the new literacy required of our learners and our teachers; creativity, the essence for breakthrough; and pedagogy, the basis for what and how we teach. Through this analysis I will develop and propose a set of guidelines by which we can provide effective and successful education and training for new media developers.

Biographical Details: Rod Sims has worked in the technology and education field for over 25 years. During that period he has seen significant change both in the technology we use and the ways in which we teach our students to use that technology. Rod has worked as both a
consultant in educational technology as well as designing and implementing undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Technology Sydney and Southern Cross University. In the last two years Rod has been working with a private educational group in the accreditation of undergraduate programs in multimedia, animation and games; in addition, Rod is also an Adjunct Professor with the US-based and online Capella University. Rod has presented widely in Australia and internationally and is well known for his work on learning and interaction design.


Presenter:Terence Huwe, University of California, Berkeley <thuwe@library.berkeley.edu>

Title: Digital Libraries and the Web 2005: Bridging Platforms to Build Context

Outline: Topics covered will include the rapid evolution of “diverse information ecologies” and the challenges of providing effective access and usability in this environment; the increasingly intertwined relationships governing “content” in library catalogues, online repositories, and the open Web; user training and strategic knowledge management strategies for firms and research universities; and the emerging role of “interactive” technologies such as Weblogs and Wikis as add-ons to static, “persistent” digital collections.

Biographical Details: Terence K. Huwe ( http://www.berkeley.edu/faculty/huwe ) is Director of Library and Information Resources at the Institute of Industrial Relations Library, at the University of California, Berkeley (http://www.iir.berkeley.edu). He oversees print collections, digital collections, Web administration for the Institute, and the production of the Institute’s eScholarship working paper series (http://repositories.cdlib.org/iir).

He is the 2004-2005 President of the Librarians Association of the University of California, which is formally charged to advise the University administration on matters of library policy (http://www.ucop.edu/lauc).

Prior to his appointment in 1989, he worked for private law libraries in San Francisco, California.

He is a frequent presenter at Internet Librarian USA (Monterey, California), Internet Librarian International (London) and Computers in Libraries (Washington, DC). Since 2002, he has been a Columnist with Computers in Libraries magazine (http://www.infotoday.com/cilmag), covering Digital Library Issues, and has also been a frequent contributor to ONLINE magazine (http://www.infotoday.com/online).


Presenter: Brad Kasell, Pacific Engagement Manager for IBM's jStart program <brad.kasell@au1.ibm.com>

Title: Emerging technologies and the Web - finding a balance between possibility and reality

Outline: Brad will use his emerging technology expertise to evaluate the role of software applications in the future of the Web.  Topics to be covered include the role of Web standards, rich Internet applications, future trends, internal and external web site best practice, and evaluating open source vs. proprietary software in terms of its relevance to the Web. 

Biography: Brad Kasell is the Asia-Pacific Engagement Manager for the jStart program, which is part of IBM Software Group's Emerging Technologies division.  He is a specialist in the solution of complex business problems through the strategic application of information technologies.  Brad's current responsibilities include helping customers get started with Web Services, client technologies, radio frequency identification (RFID), digital media, and various other technologies related to IBM's On Demand software strategy.  Similarly, Brad is also focused on the emerging Web Services standards, and how they might be used to construct a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

IBM's jStart Program is a worldwide offering, targeting companies who are focused on embracing emerging software technology.  The team's mission is to jump-start business initiatives by connecting software technology with new or enhanced business solutions. 

Brad re-joined IBM after spending six years working in a consulting capacity for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Excite@Home in the United States.  During his prior tenure with IBM Australia Brad worked as a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager on a variety of application development projects.  Brad's industry experience includes retail (apparel), telecommunications, pharmaceutical, utilities (electricity), insurance, and interactive marketing/advertising.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) and a Master of Business Administration (International Business), with both degrees from the University of Technology, Sydney.


Presenter: Scott Georgeson , CEO Cintinel Corporation <scott.g@cintinel.com>

Title: I want to learn it my way, and I need to learn it NOW!

Outline: Everyone has their own desire to learn subjects in a manner they believe would suite them best. Educators are constantly looking for method(s), applications and into latest university studies to try and find that one illusive way of getting the job done right.. As we all know there is no one perfect method, but rather the affiliation, integration, combination and exasperation of multiple methods that produce our present outcomes. The web has opened up many possibilities creating independent worlds of learning. However, advancing technology often increases the educators workload where as it should be making life easier.. This presentation will address our journey onto the commercial frontier of this subject, concluding that commercial and academic learning needs are virtually one in the same.

Biographical Details: Scott Georgeson is the CEO of Cintinel Corporation, a spin off company from Click-N-Learn pty ltd.

Scott has been the primary driver for company research and development, into the area of rapid learning and delivery techniques via the web. Scott has personally produced 25 training products that have been sold in over 25 countries. As an educator, Scott has been focused in the area of technology training and has a wealth of experience helping students overcome technology barriers.



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