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Keynote Presentations

Law, the Web, Business Architecture and Risk Management
Eugene Clark

I Want to Learn it My Way, and I Need to Learn it NOW!
Scott Georgeson

Digital Libraries and the Web 2005: Bridging Platforms to Build Context
Terry Huwe

Emerging Technologies and the Web: Finding a Balance Between Possibility and Reality
Brad Kasell

Educating New Media Developers: Electracy vs Creativity vs Pedagogy
Rod Sims

Refereed Papers

Automating Online Delivery of Database Content - An Open-Source XML-Based Alternative
Monica Berko and David Wong

Integrating XSL-FO With Enterprise Reporting
Matthew Moores and Kevin Leggett

Combining Available Standards and Tools to Build a Compliance Oriented Website Management System
Neeraj Arora and Linda Pannan

Using the Web to Enhance Tertiary Education Learning Experiences
Karen Becker, Jo Kehoe and Beth Tennent

ViSION: Visualizing Student Interactions Online
Judy Sheard, David Albrecht, and Eli Butbul

Imagining the World: The Case for Non-Rendered Virtuality - The Role Play Simulation Model
Roni Linser and Albert Ip

Design Collaboration Using a 3D Virtual Environment: A Pedagogic Case Study
Theodor Wyeld

The Abundance of Simple Business Models on the World Wide Web
Michael Featherstone and Allan Ellis

Multiple Banner Advertisements: A Model of Consumers' Cognitive Responses
Rahim Hussain and Arthur Sweeney

Tropes in Advertising: A Web-Based Empirical Study
Jason Stella and Stewart Adam

ARROW Targets: Institutional Repositories, Open-Source, and Web Services
Andrew Treloar

Building Bridges between Learning Management Systems and Library Content Systems
Joanna Richardson

Exposing the Deep Web to Increase Access to Library Collections
Tony Boston

Realtime Display of Landslide Monitoring Data
Russ Pennell, Dhammika Ruberu and Phil Flentje

Supporting Highly-Interactive Web Applications With Server-Side Code
Michael Rees

XUP - A SOAP-Based Simple User Interface Protocol
Jin Yu and Boualem Benatallah

Mandatory Internet Access: A Student Centred Approach to Policy Implementation
Liz Smith and Les Burr

More Learning, More Fun, Less Marking!
Lee Kar-Tin

Academic Staff Development in Online Learning and Teaching: Developing Online Pedagogies
Naomi Waldron, Shane Dawson and Bruce Burnett

Towards a Framework for the Design of High Quality Web Services
Mark Nolan and B. Srinivasan

A Comparative Study: Corporate Information Portals and Corporate Knowledge Portals
Lisa Soon

A Classification of U-Commerce Location Based Tourism Applications
Andrew Stein, Paul Hawking and Pramod Sharma

Applying Web Personalisation Techniques in E-Government Services
Xuetao Guo, Jie Lu and Simeon Simoff

Mining User Preferences from Web Access Logs and User Public Information
Laura Thomson

A Framework for Capturing Domain Knowledge Via the Web
Chao Wang, Jie Lu and Guangquan Zhang

Understanding the Impact of Compression on Web Retrieval Performance
JunLi Yuan, Xiang Li and Chi-Hung Chi

User-Centred Accessibility Supported by Distributed, Cumulative Authoring
Liddy Nevile

Leading Web Usability Evaluations to WAUTER
Sandrine Balbo, Steve Goschnick, Derek Tong and Cécile Paris

NavOptim Coding: Web Navigational Construction to Minimise Navigation Effort
Xiaoying Kong and David Lowe

gold starHow Usable are University Websites? A Report on a Study of the Prospective Student Experience (Winner of Best Paper Award)
Dey Alexander

PACMAN – An Instructional Design Guide for Developing eLearning
Andre Greenberry

Factors Influencing the Uptake of Web-Based Learning in the Australian Army
Diane Newton

Moving Distance Learning to the Web: Australian Army Case Study
Paul Ashman

Online Self Assessment Guides Assignment Marking
Margot Schuhmacher and Robert Redpath

Music Production Communities of Practice on the World Wide Web
Alan Anderson

The Use of Virtual Classroom Software for Flexible Learning
Maneesh Mathur and Ian Reid


Posters/Edited Papers

Achieving Accurate University Wide Computer Lab Information
Karen Taylor

Agile Versus Heavyweight Web Development: An Australian Survey
Ali Khan and Sandrine Balbo

DocBook Roundtripping
Steve Ball

Communication and Change Management: The Role of a Website in Organisational and Cultural Change
Martine Booth

Chaos or Collaboration? Web Management in a Decentralised University Environment
Martine Booth

A Web-Based Intelligent Systems for Construction and Real Estate Asset Management (iScream)
Stephen Mak and Lennon Choy

Accessible Media Files for Teaching and Learning: A Solid Solution?
Emma Mihaly

e-volution: Deakin University 's Web Presence Comes of Age
Kathy Reid, Chris Reed and Simon Diderrich

Communication Artefacts Used in the Design of an Information Architecture
Scott Rippon

Transparency and Credibility: Presenting Corporate Publications Online
Margaret Ruwoldt

gold starNavigation and Content on University Home Pages (Winner of Best Poster Award)
Margaret Ruwoldt and Claire Spencer

Paper Prototyping: First Experiences and Lessons Learned
Guy Sangwine

Tools to Enable Effective Instructional Design for Online Learning
Rod Sims

Web Responsibilities: An Emerging Workforce
Claire Spencer



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