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ARROW Targets: Institutional Repositories, Open-Source, and Web Services

Dr Andrew Treloar, Senior Project Manager, Information Management Initiative, Information Technology Services  & ARROW Technical Architect & Adjunct Librarian, Monash University Library. Building 3A, Monash University, Victoria, 3800. Email:


Institutional repository, information infrastructure, information management, technical architecture, web services, Fedora, ARROW.


The Australian Research Repositories Online to the World (ARROW) project was funded by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training in 2004 to investigate institutional research repository issues. This paper describes the software decisions made by ARROW, and some of the consequences of those decisions. It begins by providing some context for ARROW, before detailing why the project selected the Fedora repository software as its underlying storage layer and VTLS as its development partner. It also discusses ways in which other pieces of software are being used/integrated into the overall ARROW offering. The paper then turns to future software development activity. These revolve around ARROW-funded open-source web  services, and other possible web service opportunities.  The paper concludes by encouraging  other  repository initiatives to work together around collaborative development of services of shared interest.

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