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Changing the lives of Australians....Forever:Implications of Web2.0
Session Chair: Joanna Richardson, Griffith University

Michael Ossipoff
Director of Capability, Telstra

Animation, Games and the Web
Session Chair: Ian Reid, University of South Australia

John Moss
Academic Director, Qantm

Web Research at CSIRO
Session Chair: David Lowe, University of Technology, Sydney

Ross Wilkinson
Principal Research Scientist, Information Engineering Laboratory Leader, CSIRO ICT Centre

Business on the Web: An Australasian perspective
Session Chair: Marilyn Jones, Bond University

Stewart Adam
Associate Professor in Electronic Marketing, Deakin University,


Making Web-Based Education Engaging, Interactive and Effective
Rod Sims

How to Develop a Web Based Community
Geoffrey Kwitko

Music and Voice over the Web
Alan Anderson

What's New in Two?
Steve Ball

Building Better Presentation Skills
Les Burr

Using Web Services for Customised Data Entry
Yanbo Deng

Integrating Markov Model with Clustering for Predicting Web Page Accesses
Faten Khalil

Making sense of your website: analytics lessons from the education sector
Ranjit Sidhu

Complex war fighting as a change agent for web based learning practice: an Australian Army case study
Paul Ashman

Creativity in the Envisioning of a Collaborative Learning Space: first stages in the development of the Carrick Exchange
Rob Phillips

Educational Audio over the Web: Placing due emphasis on audio quality and skills
Alan Anderson

Design for Contextual Learning: Web-based Environments that Engage Diverse Learners
Rod Sims (Winner of the Paul Thistlewiate Award for BEST PAPER)

Three Design Principles for Predicting the Future of the Web
Paul McKey

An Investigation of Web Presence and Business Intelligence of Australian Game Development Firms Using Webmetrics Indicators
Carrie Lui

Characteristics of .au Websites: An analysis of large-scale web crawl data from 2005
Peter Bailey

Usage Metrics for Open Access Repositories
Joanna Richardson

The Global Perpetual Dictionary of Everything
Helen Ashman

Colonising Web Sites of Wiki Pages with Ultra Lightweight Web Applications
Michael Rees

Ontology-Based Multi-agent System for the Accommodation Industry
Kai Yang

Improving the student experience of a university web site
Maria Moore

Assessing University Homepages from Web Standard and Usability Perspectives
Tran Quoc Bao

Australian university website accessibility revisited
Dey Alexander

A web and room-based videoconference music teaching initiative
Alan Anderson

An investigation of the behavioural intention of students to use a Web conferencing environment
Peter Vitartas

How the Web has changed lecturing: going the full circle
Steve Rowe

Playing Catch Up with the Digital Divide
Alison Kershaw

Addressing the Digital Divide in Rural Australia
John Atkinson

Redefining the digital divide in the smart state
Helen Partridge


Poster 1
Practical Issues in Recording for the Web
Alan Anderson

Poster 2
Engaging the student - the Curtin University Library experience
Ieva Bergman (BEST POSTER)

Poster 3
An Online Assessment of University Spam Education Websites
Luke Haber

Poster 4
Wikipatterns - tools for building rich collaborative communities
Stewart Mader

Poster 5
Web application development - a client driven process
Karey Patterson

Poster 6
Informit Media: Discovery, alerts and direct access to broadcast programs
Laki Sideris

Poster 7
Social Networking and Repositories: Engaging the user in the development of the Carrick Exchange
Rob Phillips

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