Usage Metrics for Open Access Repositories

Joanna Richardson, Griffith Research Online Project Manager, Division of Information Services, Griffith University, Queensland, 4111. Email:

Martin Borchert, Associate Director, Access Services, Division of Information Services, Griffith University, Queensland, 4111, Australia. Email:


Open access, repositories, usage statistics, citation analysis, metrics


Recent studies point to an increased focus on metrics / measuring in regard to open access repositories (OAR). Whereas historically the display of download figures for popular content was a way of promoting an OAR within its respective institution, more recently interest has shifted on how to better utilise OAR usage statistics for more formalised purposes. The authors examine the nature of the more commonly used web-based repository approaches, identify their major shortcomings, and describe recent initiatives to enhance functionality. They then discuss citation analysis and proposals to link this to web-based usage statistics, particularly in the context of high-level drivers focused on research quality and effectiveness. The paper concludes by outlining opportunities for institutions to engage with new metric models..

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