Bejing 2008


"The Future of the Web"
Notes by Steve Rowe

This session was recorded using Elluminate Live! and allowed delegates to be joined by online participants from the ausweb-l list. Please read the following notes on the setup and sound quality before playing the session.

There were approximately 40 people in the live venue who were invited to participate in the discussion. Remote participants were invited to talk using the Elluminate audio which was directed through the live venue speakers, or using the chat feature to type in their comments/questions. There were two laptops in the live venue connected to the Elluminate room being used for the recording and for the remote participants. One laptop was connected using the hard-wired cable at the podium and had a standard headset/mic. This one was used as the moderator/controller for the session. The other (tablet) laptop was connected using the conference wireless network with an earpiece/mic (similar to a car mobile handsfree). This served as the roving mic to transmit the comments/questions from the floor of the live venue. In addition, due to unrelated issues during set-up the second (tablet) laptop was had a second link to the room open which caused interference from the internal mic on the tablet. When this issue was recognised and disconnected some improvement in the sound was noticeable.

This earpiece/mic is effective when used on a collar/lapel, but proved to not very effective when hand-held by speakers. One reason for this was that some people held it so the mic was actually pointing away from their voice. Another issue was the sensitivity of the mic to movements and bumps created interference as it was passed around. A third issue was the use in tablet mode and regular adjusting of the mic volume by use of the stylus exacerbated the interference.

The sound would no doubt be much improved by linking directly through a venue sound system, including having a proper roving wireless mic. Another option would be to use the standard headset/mic so that it is more obvious which way to hold the mic. It would also seem to be important to minimse movement whole each person is speaking and certainly to minimise the use of the stylus to adjust volume settings and leave that to the moderator. Such is the nature of a trial.

To listen to the session you will need to go to
Note that session was open for 60 minutes before the discussion stated (to allow people to log on and get setup). You will need to fast forward to the point where the discussion starts. To do this use the slide on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.
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