AusWeb2k-The Sixth Australian World Wide Web Conference,
Rihga Colonial Club Resort, Cairns, 12-17 June 2000

Conference Papers and Posters

Paper track — E-Commerce

David Fitzgerald - The Case for Online B2B Trade Hubs

Qiuyan Fan - On the Way to eCommerce: Chinese Experiences (1998-1999)

Zadeh, H.S., Adam, S., Deans, K.R. - A Technical Response to Online Marketing Research Issues

James Galloway & Stewart Adam - Online Property Markets in Australia: Industry Value Transformation

Stewart Adam, Kenneth Deans - Online Business in Australia and New Zealand: Crossing a Chasm

Paper track — Information Management

Georgios Styliaras, Theodore S. Papatheodorou - Using a Data-Centric Approach for Developing Thematic-Based Collections in the Web

A/Prof David Lowe - Improving Web Search Relevance: Using Navigational Structures to Provide a Search Context

Paper track — Technical

Spider Redgold - The Internal Landscape of a Distributed Website

Michael Rees - Implementing Responsive Lightweight In-page Editing

Kevin Jansz, Wee Jim Sng, Nitin Indurkhya, Christopher Manning — Using XSL and XQL for Efficient, Customised Access to Dictionary Information

Dave Halstead, Helen Ashman — Electronic Profiling

Tony Hingston, Stuart Adam — Click Through Banner Advertising — a Technical Review

Paper track — Education and Metadata

Albert Ip, Michael Currie, Iain Morrison — Managing Online Resources for Teaching and Learning

Meg O’Reilly, Allan Ellis, Diane Newton — The Role Of University Web Pages In Staff Development: Supporting Teaching and Learning Online

Mike Currie, Nicholas Moss, Albert Ip, Iain Morrison — The EdNA Metadata Toolsets: a case study

Liddy Nevile — Mapping the Victorian Education Web: Terms and tools

John Eklund, Vicki Kwan — Enhancing Collaborative Learning in Primary Education Through the Australian Schools' Web Challenge

Judy Sheard, Margot Postema, Selby Markham — Paper-Based and Web-Based Resources: What do Students Value?

Dave Whittington, Joanna Bull, Myles Danson — Web-Based Assessment — Two UK Initiatives

Jan Newmarch — Who Owns University Web Courseware?

Mark Gregory, April Weiss - ESubmit

Vicki Jones, Jun H. Jo, Greg Cranitch — A Study of Students’ Response to WBI Within a Traditional Learning Environment

K.L. Chin — The Use Of Web-Based Learning in Culturally Diverse Learning Environments

Paper track — Usability

Christian Osterbauer, Monika Kohle, Thomas Grechenig — Web Usability Testing

Rod Sims — Interactive Encounters: Maximising Useability And Learning In On-Line Environments

Andrew Treloar, Daniel Rep — Spinning the Right Path: Investigating the Effectiveness and Impact of Web Navigation Systems

Margaret Turner — Of Mice and Men: Interface as map

Paper track — Web Engineering

Pen Savage, Geoff Romeo — "It Takes Longer Than You Think" — Producing Web Sites Requires Project Management Principles

Nikola Serbedzija — Engineering Web Technologies for Legacy Systems

Paper track — Knowledge Management

Keynote Speaker — Bob Hopgood, W3C W3C: Leading the Web to its Full Potential

Ian C. Reid — The Web, Knowledge Management and Universities

I.T. Hawryszkiewycz — Evolving Knowledge Intensive Community Networks

Dr Joanna Richardson, Janet Fletcher, Alison Hunter, Philippa Westerman — "AskA" Electronic Reference: Strategies For Creating Effective Query Services

Posters and Short Works in Progress (SWIPs)

Anne A'Herran - Research & Evaluation of Online Systems for Teaching & Learning

Helen Ashman - War Games: Teaching Web Security Hands-On

Helen Ashman - Hashes DO Grow on Trees - Document Integrity at Every Level

Alan Calder - Online Learning Support: an Action Research Project

Joseph Kasser - The WebForum

Ellen Kronen - A Year in the Life ... The Website as a Catalyst for Change in the Organisation

Bruce Mcleod - Factoring the Librarian Back Into World Wide Web Cataloguing

Mingfang Wu, Michael Fuller, Ross Wilkinson - Structured Delivery to the Web

Diane Newton, Meg O'Reilly, Allan Ellis - Re-designing a University Teaching & Learning Centre Web Site for Effective Online Staff Development

Ian Newton, Bruce Rowlands - Online Delivery of Electronic Commerce Courses - TAFE NSW

Liam O'Duibhir, Alex Rafalovich, Noel O'Sullivan - Flowlets - Bringing RAD to the Web

Karey Patterson, Rod Byrnes - The Witches Brew - A Recipe for Internet Business Success

Tim Kannegieter, Peter Sefton - Content Management for all of us: The Standards Australia Experience

Rod Sims - The Interactivity Profiler

Pam Spurr - Presentation of FED.GOV.AU

Michael Sweeney - Building Web-based Services with Script Wrappers

Jojada Janto Tirtowidjojo, Kim Marriott, Bernd Meyer - Extending SVG with Constraints

Jo-Han Wong, Mark A Gregory - Implementing Security for an Internet Entertainment System

Nazli Yahaya, Rio Sumarni Sharifuddin - Concept-building Through Hierarchical Cognition in a Web-based Interactive Multimedia Learning System: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

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