AusWeb2k-The Sixth Australian World Wide Web Conference, Rihga Colonial Club Resort, Cairns, 12-17 June 2000

 Confirmed Workshops


These have been re-introduced this year and will involve the presenter providing an information session then acting as facilitator for discussion. Delegates will have the opportunity to share information, position papers or case histories. If appropriate, the outcome of a workshop might be added to the conference Website. If you require more details about the content of any particular workshop please email the presenter directly.

More workshops proposals are being considered and will be added to this list shortly. Full day workshops are $185 including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and materials. Half day workshops are $100 including morning or afternoon tea, lunch and materials. If you do two half day workshops, you will only pay the full day price of $185.

Doing Business via the Web, Anthony Rowley, Full Day Friday 16th June
Building and Managing Your Own Collection, Bob Futernick, Full Day Friday 16th June
NEW How can libraries respond to the issues and challenges of online, web-based learning?, Des Stewart & Janet Fletcher, Full Day Monday 12th June

Title: Doing Business via the Web
Anthony Rowley <>

Full Day Friday 16th June
Tasmanian businesses benefit from being promoted globally through Tasmanian Business Online (TBO), a service developed by the Tasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre (TECC).

Throughout Tasmania, business associations and regional economic development groups (Business Communities of Interest) were looking for ways to promote Tasmanian products and services via the Internet. The difficulties faced by these groups are often two-fold: the technology is daunting; and the costs are prohibitive.

TBO addresses these issues by providing a cost-effective, coordinated, approach that allows access to sophisticated and expensive electronic commerce infrastructure and accompanying awareness, training and support programs.

Without the demand aggregation it would have taken many years for technology advances and business needs to reach a level where market forces provided infrastructure to Tasmania's regional areas. By this stage, most online business opportunities would have been lost to interstate and international competition, potentially leaving Tasmania with long-term business/economic disadvantages and declining levels of economic activity.

TBO will help avert his possibility by providing the rural, regional and remote communities that constitute Tasmania with access to infrastructure and services that enable their participation in the online economy.

Similar initiatives to TBO are sometimes referred to as 'Gateway Services'. The emergence of Gateway Services in the online economy is not surprising, and is an extension of existing promotional and industry development activities many Business Communities of Interest have.

The strength of these Gateway Services comes from the close interaction with the Business Communities of Interest. Online community growth is self-perpetuating; content attracts members who in turn generate new content that has the effect of attracting new members. Importantly the content that attracts members serves a second purpose; and that is in attracting members to use the online trading capabilities of the service. Revenue from online trading underpins the ongoing operation and development of the service.

The existing Business Communities of Interest therefore have an important role in encouraging their members to embrace electronic commerce as the successful management of these communities is directly related to commercial success of the service.

Facilitator Bio:
Anthony has 14 years experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry and has moved through the industry taking on some challenging roles including spending nearly three years on the personal staff of Prime Minister Hawke and Keating. Mid 1994 Anthony moved to Telstra and has spent 5 years focusing on contemporary telecommunications.

Anthony was involved in the creation of Telstra's Internet business, including involvement in Telstra's acquisition of the Australian Academic Research Network - forming the original Telstra Internet service.

In August 1998, as the Manager of Global Government Solutions in the Global Commerce Service group, a key deliverable for Anthony was to work with the Prime Minister's Supermarket to Asia Council (and it's executive arm, Supermarket to Asia Limited) on the implementation of an electronic commerce service for Australia's food exporters.

In July 1999 Anthony resigned from Telstra and relocated to Launceston to develop Tasmania Business Online for the Tasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre (TECC).


Title: Building and Managing Your Own Collection
Bob Futernick <>

Full Day Friday 16th June
This workshop will allow Bob to present more details regarding the development of his database; approaches for its maintenance, innovation, and improvement; and discuss ways in which people can help invent or direct systems and technologies so that they best meet the needs of various collection situations. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own situations/case histories and gain comments from the group. If you have an interest in managing digital collections in any subject area and on any scale this workshop will be of interest to you.

Facilitator Bio:
Bob Futernick is the Chairman of the Conservation Departments at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco where he has worked since 1975. He is also Director of Collection Imaging and designer of the Museums' collection management software. In recent years his work has centered around linking collection preservation with collection use and access. He is interested in promoting cross-functional teams in the museum and softening the boundaries that separate departments.


Title: How can libraries respond to the issues and challenges of online, web-based learning?

Des Stewart <>
Janet Fletcher <>

Confirmed Guest Presenter - Roisin O'Reilly is the Head of Teaching Development at James Cook University. She has worked as an Instructional Designer and Developer of interactive multimedia for the last 6 years and prior to that worked as an Interior Designer and Teacher of Technology. She currently has responsibility for teaching skills development particularly in the use of web technology and implementation of a web courseware delivery initiative for JCU.

NEW - Confirmed Guest Speaker- Rik Hall. Rik Hall is the Manager of the Instructional Technology Unit within the Computing Services Department at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton NB Canada. Rik has instructed on educational technologies for five universities, has presented at many international computer, educational and technological conferences, and hosts the World Wide Web Courseware Developers Listserv with 1500 members from around the world. Rik was just given the "Outstanding Canadian Distance Educator award at the ITC conference in
Austin TX.

Full Day Monday 12th June
Aims and objectives:

  • To share experiences and knowledge of how libraries are meeting the needs of online teaching and learning.
  • To explore potential initiatives and innovations for libraries.
  • To establish priorities for libraries.
  • To identify examples of excellence in service
  • To discuss implications for library staff and services.
  • To strategically position the library in the online learning environment.

Experience in the delivery of networked resources and in the design of online support services allows library professionals to be key players in the online education industry. There has, however, been little opportunity for library staff involved in these projects to share and discuss their knowledge, expertise and experiences with colleagues.

If they choose, each delegate will have an opportunity to present details of the situation in their organisation. This workshop will provide this opportunity and will benefit participants by:

  • Gaining insights into how colleagues in other institutions are involved in the online education environment
  • Learning about the latest courseware technologies and how libraries are utilising such software to deliver resources and literacy education
  • Learning from online instructional designers the do's and don'ts of presenting information over the web
  • Continuing the learning and collaboration post-Ausweb via a variety of communication methods

Who should attend?:
Anyone interested in the development of library material for online, web-based courses. This may include library professionals working in education, special or government institutions.

Facilitators' Bios:
Over recent years Des Stewart, Library Services Manager and Janet Fletcher, Network Services Librarian have been actively working in a number of online projects at Southern Cross University. Their involvement has resulted in other University Library staff becoming key members of online project teams. This has ensured the experiences, expertise, and knowledge of librarians are recognised as essential to the success of the University ís online strategy.



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