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The AusWeb series of World Wide Web Research Conferences.

AusWeb99 - Proceedings


Welcome to the papers to be presented at AusWeb99. There are 56 short and full papers. Each paper has been fully refereed to DETYA E1 standards in a single-blind process by at least two referees in two rounds of review by an international review panel. The papers cover all aspects of the Web in Technical, ECommerce, Social, Usability and Library and Education streams.


Papers are to be presented in four streams:

Technical Stream
Full Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Paul Thomas Exploiting a Network Charging Model to Reduce Web Costs
Helen Darch A client driven approach to Web development - a higher education case study
Arno Scharl A Conceptual, User-Centric Approach to Modeling Web Information Systems
Charles Zhao A study of web-based application architecture and performance measurements
Yinan Yang A Trusted W3 Model: Transitivity of Trust in a Heterogeneous Web Environment
Christian Bauer Advanced Design of Web Information Systems Based on Dominant and Emerging Web Communication Patterns
Guojun Lu An Integrated WWW Image Retrieval System
Thuy-Linh Nguyen Creating and managing Web sites with LifeWeb
Agus Rahardja Designing Interactivity: Who are the users and what are the techniques
Janet Fletcher Designing the library home page: users take centre stage
Gavan McCarthy Engineering Utility: A visionary role for encoded archival authority information in managing virtual and physical resources.
Margaret Turner Fundamental Web Design Principles?
Andrew Treloar Just another technology? How the dynamics of innovation can help predict the future of the browser
Xiaoling Dai Netpay--An efficient protocol for micropayment on the WWW
Anders Hedman Orientation versus Accomodation: New Requirements for the HCI of Digital Communities
P.R.Kaushik Personal Search Assistant: A Configurable Personal Meta Search Engine
Tony Barry Personal Tools to Tame the Web
Wei Lai Web Graph Displays by Defining Visible and Invisible Subsets
Igor Hawryszkiewycz Workspace Networks for Collaborative Knowledge Sharing
Short Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Thomas Tilley Evaluating Distributed Graphical User Interface Communication
Janice Oliver Growing Websites
Full Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Lee Gilbert Perceived Barriers to the Widespread Commercial Use of the Web
Stewart Adam WebQUAL: An E-Commerce Audit
Social, Usability and Library Stream
Full Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Sue McKemmish Accessing Essential Evidence on the Web: Towards an Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Standard
Jeni Li ASU's G5 Project: Re-Engineering the University Web
Mark A Gregory Internet Entertainment
Christopher D. Manning Kirrkirr: Interactive Visualisation and Multimedia from a Structured Warlpiri Dictionary
John Eklund NESTOR Navigator: A tool for the collaborative construction of knowledge through constructive navigation
Sokvitne, Lloyd Our Digital Island: Web preservation issues and solutions at the State Library of Tasmania
Denise Frost The Cybrary: Springboard for Student Learning
Michael Lean The Tangled Web of Rights: Making Sure Your Website Complies With the Law
Karin Geiselhart Two Web-based Australian experiments in electronic democracy
Short Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Mark A Gregory Internet Gaming
Liddy Nevile Universal Web Accessibility: a significant mindshift beyond current web practice
Education Stream
Full Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Jon Mason ‘EdNA Online’ and the Propagation of Value-Add
Steve Hansen Adoption Of Web Based Teaching Delivery By Staff In Educational Institutions. Issues, Strategems And A Pilot Study.
Stephen Mak An interactive multimedia learning on demand system
R. Corrao A Web-Based Instruction System to support design activities in Architecture
Putterill, Martin Brighter, Bolder but is it Better? - the perennial course designer dilemma
Jill Slay Creating an on-line learning environment: Issues in academic staff development
Kathleen King Group Dynamics for the Online Professor
Jill Slay Higher Education Online: Cross-cultural perspectives on the Chinese situation
Liddy Nevile Hyperlectures: are they a good educational use of the electronic media
Ian Reid Online strategy in Higher Education
Dale Burnett Pedagogical Alternatives For Web-based Instruction
Tony Carrucan Problem Based Learning, Hypertext and the Virtual School
David Jones Solving some problems with University Education: Part II
John Eklund The School's Web Challenge: A study of the effectiveness of a global project in enhancing learning through collaborative uses of technology
David Lowe Web-Based Access to Audio and Video Learning Materials
Ron Lindser Web-based simulations as a teaching tool in Political Science: The "World Politics in Transition" experience at The University of Melbourne
Short Papers
Principal Author EMail Topic
Darien Rossiter Building a Web-based Framework to Embed the Teaching and Learning of Technological Literacies
Rod Sims Teaching Multimedia On-Line
Jacquie McDonald Teaching Online: Challenge to a Reinterpretation of Traditional Instructional Models
Stephen Mak Teaching Professional Ethics using an on-line system with video-on-demand
Kathy Lynch The flip side to Web databases: research, teaching and learning
Melissa Norfolk Web-based delivery of Electrical Engineering: Challenges and Outcomes

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