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Technical Futures

Business Opportunities




Components for Web Applications
Ball Steve Steve.Ball@tcltk.anu.edu.au

Experiences of using the Web to manage a medium-size Internet Service Provider
Byrnes Rod rbyrnes@dromedarius.com.au

Handling a University's Website
Nevile Liddy liddy@rmit.edu.au

Converting Web Applications to Java
Rees Michael rees@bond.edu.au

The Tangled Web: Designing for Maintenance
Shoecraft Jeni Li jeni.li@asu.edu

Edith Cowan University Web Enrolment System (ECUWES)
Austin Peter and Castine Vaughan p.austin@cowan.edu.au

An open continuous media environment on the Web
Simpson-Young Bill and Yap Ken bill.simpson-young@cmis.csiro.au

Audio on demand over the World Wide Web
Hankinson Templar and Lu Guojun templar@mugca.cc.monash.edu.au guojunl@fcit.monash.edu.au


Winner of Best Paper

Implementing a Pure Credit Monetary System on the Internet
Quinn Brendan and Goldschlager Leslie brendan@sofcom.com.au

If you build it, will they come?
Adcock Kevin, Gravatt Colleen and Tipler John adcockk@dpi.qld.gov.au

Integrating the HP Deskjet Extended Enterprise
Clawson Harvey harvey_clawson@hp.com


A Lesson learnt from AusWeb 96 - Web Databases
Lynch Kathy Kathy.Lynch@education.monash.edu.au

The Seven Habits of Effective Web Managers
Verbyla Janet janet@cs.flinders.edu.au

Outside-in or inside-out? Which style of Web do we want?
Nevile Liddy liddy@rmit.edu.au

Trapping the Web
Lean Michael m.lean@qut.edu.au

The link list on network policy
Barry Tony tony@ningaui.anu.edu.au

From TEMPO to TEMPO Interaktif: an Indonesian media scene case study
Ridwan Saiful saiful@tempo.co.id

Identifying a Skills Hierarchy for participants in the Web Environment
Hansen Steve and Deshpande Yogesh s.hansen@uws.edu.au

A Preliminary Model of Internet Diffusion within Developing Countries
Bayarmaa B. and Boalch Gregg boalchg@cbs.curtin.edu.au


Providing Student Discussion and Communication in a WWW-based subject
Sutton David david.sutton@unisa.edu.au

The Use of the Internet in Creating an Effective Learning Environment
Slay Jill Jill.Slay@unisa.edu.au

Web-mediated courses: the revolution in on-line design education
Simoff Simeon and Maher Mary Lou simeon@arch.usyd.edu.au

Evaluating the effectiveness of Internet delivered Courseware
Vargo John j.vargo@afis.canterbury.ac.nz

A Theoretical Framework for Internet-Based Training at Sydney Institute of Technology
Webb Greg gregw@sit.edu.au

University HTML authors: A community of practitioners?
Martin Kenn kmartin@csd.uwa.edu.au

Adaptive Textbooks on the World-Wide Web
Eklund John, Brusilovsky Peter and Schwarz Elmar j.eklund@uts.edu.au

Evaluation of a Trial of Internet Teaching in TAFE NSW
Gibson Julie jgibson@vc.tafensw.edu.au

Courseware on the Web: An Analysis of Student Use
Newmarch Jan jan@ise.canberra.edu.au

Real-World Physics: a Java-Based Web Environment for the Study of Physics
Pearce Jon and Livett Michelle j.pearce@physics.unimelb.edu.au

A New On-line Paradigm for Developing Courses, Teaching and Learning: A Project in the Asynchronous Learning Environment at National Chung Cheng University
Hwang Ren-Hung and Chao M.S. rhhwang@cs.ccu.edu.tw

Life-long learning and hypermedia: What are the Stakeholders Learning?
Adam Stewart and Wilson David stewarta@rmit.edu.au

On-line Collaboration for Effective Learning: A Case Study of a Postgraduate University Course
Agostinho Shirley, Lefoe Geraldine and Hedberg John shirley_agostinho@uow.edu.au

CHEF: The Collaborative Hypermedia Educational Framework for Computer-based Education
Rana Ajaz, Bieber Michael and Coppola Nancy bieber@cis.njit.edu


Education and Learning


Business Opportnities

Technical Futures


A Virtual Organisation
Russell Pennell r.pennell@nepean.uws.edu.au

Internet initiation. Learning outcomes and evaluation of training sessions by participation.
Oke Graeme GraemeOke@vut.edu.au

Rosetta: The Design and Development of a Web-based ESL Database
Tripp Steven tripp@u-aizu.ac.jp

Creating a Web based virtual classroom for science teacher education students
Sawer James James.Sawers@uts.edu.au

The use of the WWW in training: Technolust or Value-Added
Leigh Sally-Anne sal@isd.canberra.edu.au

Interactive Learning and Hypertextual Understanding: Developing Emerging Literacies
Carrcuan Tony CARRUTSS@stmichaels.vic.edu.au

Education Network Australia (EdNA)
Burgess James jburgess@oltc.edu.au

A living book for teaching introduction to management science
Nooriafshar Mehryar mehryar@it.usq.edu.au

Winner of Best Poster

Teaching and Learning on the Internet: Developing a resource for academic support
Bagdon Kerry & Goss Halima

Internet Based Collaborative Learning: An Empirical Evaluation
Scott Don dscott@scu.edu.au

The Professional Doctorate on WebCD
O'Reilly Meg moreilly@scu.edu.au

The development of online evaluation instruments to complement web-based educational resources
Hastie Megan Megan.H@onaustralia.com.au

MedEdNet: A Faculty wide intranet to support an integrated medical curriculum at the University of Sydney
Carlile Simon simonc@physiol.usyd.edu.au


Yet Another Attempt to Alleviate the Stale Links Problem
Humphrey Andrew a.humphrey@its.unimelb.edu.au

Integrated Interactive Community Based Public Transport Initiative
Guzman Jose jose_guzman@uow.edu.au

A Java-Based Fire Simulation Model for the WWW
Mann Jonathan jemann@gisca.adelaide.edu.au

Hive - Servlet Application Framework
Davey Bruce davey@plpk.uq.oz.au

SQL Web-Tutor
Pesin Leonid pesin@rtsnet.ru

Topclass, Filemaker Pro and Javascript: Tools to Orient the Learner in hyperspace
Sawer James James.Sawers@uts.edu.au


Constructing a Website -- OLA's Small Business Management Training Website
Ivanoff George george.ivanoff@ola.edu.au


Inter Access: a showcase of new multimedia works by NSW based producers
Glenda Nalder gnalder@scu.edu.au

Tasmania Online - An Index to the state of Tasmania on the Web
Holliday Liz Liz.Clark@central.tased.edu.au

The House of Aboriginality: Integrating Teaching, Research and Community Service.
Gosper Maree maree.gosper@mq.edu.au

Scott Michael M.Scott@mailbox.uq.edu.au

Preserving Access to Web Publications
Smith Wendy wsmith@nla.gov.au

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